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Creating the KickAss You!

Testimonial by Swara Patel, Business Owner, Mumbai

A Woman is a story!

A Story she is the author of.

She just does not know her power enough.

Sheeja Shaju

This program is for women where we work closely to help them see why they think in a particular way, what has led them to the results they have and how they can change their beliefs to change their actions and hence their results. This program is basically about generating some extraordinary results. 


When we are born, we only have a body. A body that is uniquely ours in many ways. We learn love, security, anger, hunger, trust and much much more through this body. And then in the process of growing we start developing and shaping ourselves with the support of all the external conditioning.

This conditioning helps us develop the lens through which we view life!


Through this lens we take actions and generate results in our worlds.

There is a need to keenly look at the lens we have and become aware if we are causing ourselves harm or working towards our growth.

Let’s work together and generate kickass results in life!

Think like a Queen!

If you think like a queen - 

  • You will create an extra-ordinary future

  • You will be focused on your destination

  • You will be empathetic

  • You will be grounded and stable

  • You will have clear vision

  • You will take care of what matters 

  • You will ensure your team grows with you

  • You will have a team that trusts you as their leader

Plan during the 6 months 

  • 1st 2 hour session is Free where we will determine what you want to achieve in 6 months. 

  • We will review our progress at the end of every 2 months

  • 2 sessions per month

  • 1.5 hour each (45 minutes I will share new concepts and 45 minutes coaching)

  • You will receive an E-Book on ‘Somatic Practices to Elevate Your Leadership’

  • Handouts when required

  • Leadership Practices after every session

If you would like the above results, let’s talk!

This coaching program is for you if 

  • You are a business woman

  • You are working in an organization

  • You are a housewife

This coaching program will suit you if 

  • You are looking at accelerating your career/business goals  

  • You are getting out of a relationship / Need to work on a relationship 

  • You are in stress and don’t know how to cope with it 

  • You feel you are made for something big and are not sure how to go about it

  • You are not sure were you are headed and want to tread with clarity

Sheeja Shaju

What I need from you 

  • Have a commitment for your growth

  • Commit to do the practices as discussed in the coach calls 

  • Not miss any sessions (unless pre-decided)

What you can expect from me

  • To be your mirror and to tell you what I see

  • Be equally committed to your growth

  • To be a stand for your growth


A half hour FREE coaching session with me!  

How do you prepare for this free coaching session?

Think of one thing you would like to improve about yourself and let’s talk about it! 



Send us your details and we can speak to you about it.

Anila Nair speaking about Sheeja Shaju

Anila Nair 

Head People Practices, India

Being coached by Sheeja was a great experience – I saw first hand how to be non-judgemental and compassionate yet holding every coachee to a high potential that she saw in each of us.

I am glad for all the practices, and questions that she asked that caused us to reflect on our actions!

While it took me a while to catch up, I am glad for the opportunity and patience that she showed and continues to show, even to this day!

Nikita Khadse speaking about Sheeja Shaju

Nikita Khadse



I did a 1 to 1 coaching with Sheeja and it was absolutely mind opening experience. Gently but firmly she helped me see my blindspots, and helped me work on them. I learnt to let go of the past with the thought that, that was the best one could do with their capacity at that time.

After working with Sheeja I was able to improve my credibility at work place and received positive feedback from my colleagues and clients. This helped me get the Product owner role I was looking for. 

Swapna Walunj speaking about Sheeja Shaju

Swapna Walunj


Sheeja thank you very much for awakening my soul. I feel so blessed that I was and will always be with you.

You are so positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, focused, goal-oriented, knowledgeable, observant, respectful, patient and a clear communicator.

Your coaching has helped me mend relations with myself. You were always my mirror. To see me, I had to look at you.

Thank you very much for guiding me and showing me that life is so beautiful!


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