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You Have The Power To Create

The power to create every living moment of your life! 

The day we humans get this in our bones, that day onwards we will be transformed and we will start transforming our world!

Sheeja Shaju

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My Story

I started working when I was 19. Worked with a commercial photographer, at the PSE, at an airlines and much more! I took a loan and completed my Masters while I also worked.

One thing I have always strived for - Growth.  
I realised to Grow, I need to learn consistently and that’s what my life has been about. 

I spent 8 years learning and implementing those learnings and my life transformed! 

My relationships, my finances, my career all grew very fast and that gave me the push to launch my own organisation called ‘I Create’.

I have so far coached and trained many business owners and employees in creating futures that they desire!

Sheeja Shaju

Transformational Leadership Coach and Somatic Leader

Life Changing Programs

 All our programs endeavour to elevate your standard of living. To help you become aware that you are the creator of your future and when you act consciously you will be on your path to have the results you desire.



 I want to meet you where you are. Coaching for me is about enabling you to take care of what matters to you. 



An organisation can be viewed as a set of commitments! Our programs are designed to help people question their core beliefs and create.



These are pre-recorded programs that allow me to connect with you anytime, anywhere!  


Deepa Dua

Glamorous Boutique

CEO, India

 Sheeja is a force of nature! She connects with people deeply. Thanks to her coaching, my results at home and the business are amazing!  I'm more confident than before on handling my personal and professional life. Overall, I can see my life in my control and I am in the driver's seat, rather than being at the mercy of situations or other people. Thank you very much Sheeja for helping me gain clarity and grounding.


K V Raghuraman,

Vice President -Sales, Government,

Siemens Healthineers India

I have known Sheeja as a very warm person, who has a deep sense of listening for both the body and language. Given an objective, she really helped me embody practices that has generated results for me both in personal and professional domains.

The beauty is in the way she revealed the context of the game that I wished to play and be successful

Thank you Sheeja for being present and connected to my growth.


Madhavan Palanisamy

Madhavan Palanisamy

Award Winning Photographer

Sheeja is very perceptive and warm. She understands you as someone who has a history and more importantly a future that you can design. Using centering practices, somatic exercises, and conversations she creates the space to meet the leader in you. It was particularly helpful in going out and making offers to potential clients with confidence.

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