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Executive Leadership Coaching


Leaders need support too!​

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​The primary focus of executive leadership coaching is to support leaders in:

  • Gaining self-awareness,

  • Identifying their strengths and areas for improvement, and

  • Developing strategies to address challenges and achieve their objectives

In other words :

  • You will find a mirror

  • You will find clarity in your path

  • You will know when to pivot

  • You will find strength and support 

  • You will find confidence and a confidant! 

We support leaders in their professional development process and help them enhance their leadership skills, achieve their professional goals, and maximize their potential. 


This type of coaching typically involves one-on-one sessions between our experienced executive coach and an executive leader, such as a CEO, Sr. Manager, or a high-level professional.

The Process

1. Sign up for consultation

4. Answer a questionnaire

 2. Attend the consultation

5. Coaching begins!

3. Sign up for coaching

6. Reviews and feedbacks

Our coachees are from companies like:











and many more...

Executive Leadership Coaching is focused on 

Clarity & Grounding

Self Awareness

Interpersonal Relations

 Emotional Health

Building  Resilience

Visionary Leadership


 Strategic Thinking

Manage own capacity

 Growing Teams


Rajnikant Tripathi

Director Software Engineering


Sheeja Shaju's leadership coaching has been instrumental in shaping my leadership style and has elevated my professional capabilities.


Through her expert guidance, I learned not only the importance of taking decisive actions but also the strategic thinking behind each move. Her emphasis on thoughtful practices has been a game-changer for me, allowing me to navigate complex situations with confidence and purpose.


Under Sheeja's guidance I  understood the dynamics of cultivating a supportive and cohesive team and it has empowered me to create a positive work environment, fostering collaboration and mutual growth. This holistic approach to leadership has not only benefited me professionally but has also positively impacted the overall team dynamics.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sheeja to anyone seeking a transformative and impactful leadership coaching experience.

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Kaajal Shah

Dy. Vice President Marketing

VTP Realty

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I discovered Sheeja by chance and intuitively I knew I needed her help. I signed up with her and going in with complete trust.


Her techniques and her practices have been very useful in making me a more self-aware leader and individual. She worked with me on all fronts and gently but surely she made me relook my strengths as well as biases.


She works on realigning the belief system without making you feel uncomfortable. It has a wonderful journey which she let me take at my pace.


She is now more a friend than coach, one that I know I can reach out to!


Connect with me to learn more about yourself! 

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