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Project Azaadi

We endeavour to provide free basic education to the underpriviledged women of our society to help them create an identity for themselves!

‘Education has the power to give breath to life!’


I founded Project Azaadi for women with this thought in mind.


Women including our household help, carers and any underprivileged woman who feels restricted in her life due to lack of English education. 


Me and my team of teachers endeavour to provide free basic English education to the underprivileged women of our society.


To help them create an identity for themselves!


To enable them to experience the freedom that education can give 


To lead them past any barrier that restricts their growth!

Project Azaadi has a long way to go and a lot many dreams to be created and achieved along the way 😊

Meet our Super Awesome  team 

Sheeja Shaju 


Educate women and see nations grow!

Nilesh Shah

Director Operations and Training

Nilesh is an entrepreneur at Sanghvi Auto (Pune) focused on industrial and automotive components distribution network.
He strongly believes in law of attraction and always has an optimistic and instinctive attitude towards life. He lives by the simple philosophy live and let live and feels its his my moral responsibility to give back to the society. He is an integral part of this wonderful team  of Project Azaadi where we wish to touch as many lives as possible.

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Varsha Sanghvi

 Training Head

Varsha is an Internationally Certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader & Reiki Grand Master.
Her hobbies are to learn new modalities of life and Seva.  She feels she is a student for life. She feels privileged to serve the community back by her small doings and is passionate about working towards empowering women who are  financially priviledged.

Vasanta Rapaka


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Vasanta Rapaka is an Associate Director in IT industry, she is extremely passionate about anything she does and comes with great experience in training from her past experience, carries a teachers heart through and through. Her joy is to help people grow and win. She is a role model in her company for female empowerment.

 Vaishali Kadam


Vaishali is a seasoned technology professional with a robust 19-year track record in business management and customer service. Her unwavering commitment to mentoring emerging technology professionals and future leaders underscores her passion for education. Her association with Project Azadi amplifies her sense of empowerment to contribute to a brighter world.


She is a freelance business consultant & a visiting faculty at a college in Pune. Teaching has always been her passion and comes naturally!! However Project Aazadi, has been different in many ways for her. She says here while teaching English to these awesome girls she has learned some lifetime values like - standing up and facing life from wherever you are!

Kanika Sahajwalla 


An educationist by profession, she says, ‘It gave a purpose to my life when I joined the Project Azaadi team. It satisfied my inner self to teach the underprivileged women. A dream come true!.’

Mary Varghese


Here are glimpses of some of our classes

Hear one of our students speak

A Happy New

Year from us at Project Azaadi

Project Azaadi, Here is how we learn !

Project Azaadi, one of our students learning English

If you would like to be a volunteer with ProjectAzaadi please inbox us at and let’s create something together! To follow us on Fb - 

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She works as the Operation Theatre Manager at Sancheti Hospital and as she always wanted to do something for the under-privileged girls, Project Azaadi became the right fit for her! She loved teaching and interacting with the girls as they are so enthusiastic and keen to learn.

Reema Lad


Connect with me to learn more about yourself! 





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