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Tapan Singhel

MD  and CEO,

Bajaj  Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Leaders have to keep mobilizing their teams and effectively communicate both verbally and non-verbally. This is of paramount importance, and one cannot overinvest in this skill. The best part is that you can learn and cultivate this habit through practice.

Being a leader is also about reading a room, picking up on the elusive emotions of your clients or listener, and basing your solution upon them, so as to achieve collective growth.


Sheeja is an exceptional program leader who helps you understand both the bold and subtle hints revealed by the human body in team interaction. I strongly believe in what she advocates, and I’m glad to see she’s imparted this art here.

(This testimonial is given by Mr. Singhel for Sheeja's contribution in the book, 'Growing groups in to teams')

I recently completed Ontological and Somatic leadership coaching sessions with Sheeja. It helped me understand my personal values and goals, made me improve my communication and collaboration skills, and helped me lead with empathy and develop a systems-thinking approach. Better decision-making, enhanced team dynamics, and a sense of fulfillment and path to achieve completeness in life are some of the things I have achieved through these sessions.

The Somatic part helped me understand how the body holds emotions, wisdom, and intuition about us and our lives, It was a truly transformative experience. 


It provided me with new insights and strategies for becoming a more effective leader. I am feeling empowered and inspired to take my leadership skills to the next level.

Nitin Dakre

Director: Field Service Operations- India and Territories, Varian Medical Systems International India Private Limited

 (A Siemens Healthineers Company)

Change is a constant in our dynamic world, and at Rayden Interactive, we understand the significance of staying adaptable and embracing every opportunity that comes our way.
Sheeja Shaju, an outstanding motivational speaker, ontological leader, and a somatic coach, led us through an immersive experience on how change is perpetual, and how we must welcome it with open arms.

Throughout the workshop, Sheeja masterfully guided us on a journey of self-discovery, shedding light on the power of listening, power of language and most importantly recognising what we care about, which eventually pushes us to thrive amidst change. Not only did we gain new perspectives on change management, but we also had a blast along the way!

A huge thank you to Sheeja for a delightful learning experience and sharing her invaluable expertise. Your guidance will certainly help us move forward more empowered than ever and make the most of every opportunity that presents itself.

Sheeja Shaju's leadership coaching has been instrumental in shaping my leadership style and has elevated my professional capabilities.

Through her expert guidance, I learned not only the importance of taking decisive actions but also the strategic thinking behind each move. Her emphasis on thoughtful practices has been a game-changer for me, allowing me to navigate complex situations with confidence and purpose.

Under Sheeja's guidance I  understood the dynamics of cultivating a supportive and cohesive team and it has empowered me to create a positive work environment, fostering collaboration and mutual growth. This holistic approach to leadership has not only benefited me professionally but has also positively impacted the overall team dynamics.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sheeja to anyone seeking a transformative and impactful leadership coaching experience.

Rajnikant Tripathi

Director Software Engineering


Kishore Hosangady

Co-founder and Executive Director, Enflexis Solutions, an IT Consulting and Recruitment firm, India

Sheeja has an intrinsic quality of being an excellent coach. Through her conversations she enabled me to look at hidden opportunities in the challenges I faced in my business and personal life. I was able to get my team to align their goals with the vision and goals of the company that energized the team and made them extremely productive. Her somatic and centering practices open up the mind to accept new thoughts and generate creative ideas. She has the ability to get to the crux of the issue in her coaching conversations with powerful and effective results.


K V Raghuraman,

Vice President -Sales, Government,

Siemens Healthineers India

I have known Sheeja as a very warm person, who has a deep sense of listening for both the body and language. Given an objective, she really helped me embody practices that has generated results for me both in personal and professional domains.

The beauty is in the way she revealed the context of the game that I wished to play and be successful

Thank you Sheeja for being present and connected to my growth.


Deepa Dua

Glamorous Boutique

CEO, India

Sheeja is a force of nature! She connects with people deeply. Thanks to her coaching, my results at home and the business are amazing!  I'm more confident than before on handling my personal and professional life. Overall, I can see my life in my control and I am in the driver's seat, rather than being at the mercy of situations or other people. Thank you very much Sheeja for helping me gain clarity and grounding.

unnamed (1).webp

Rohit Mahajan,



My coaching with Sheeja not only brought about a different observer in me but made me clearly see that I have a choice in every given situation.

Being gentle, comforting and forth right she showed me the mirror several times making me realise how I was easily giving away my power.

She helped me build a strong muscle to fulfill and manage my promises efficiently.

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Vasanta Rapaka

Associate Director

The true sense of leadership coaching has been introduced to me by Sheeja Shaju. She not only heard me out and listened empathically but also has been the right kind of support that one needs in their professional journey.
She has enabled me to change my mindset she that also helped me enhance my own as well as my teams productivity. Her coaching helped me elevate and enrich my personal relations as well. 

She is brilliant and she will also bring out the best in you.


Madhavan Palanisamy

Award Winning


Sheeja is very perceptive and warm. She understands you as someone who has a history and more importantly a future that you can design. Using centering practices, somatic exercises, and conversations she creates the space to meet the leader in you.

It was particularly helpful in going out and making offers to potential clients with confidence.


Anila Nair 

Head People Practices, India

Being coached by Sheeja was a great experience – I saw first hand how to be non-judgemental and compassionate yet holding every coachee to a high potential that she saw in each of us.I am glad for all the practices, and questions that she asked that caused us to reflect on our actions!While it took me a while to catch up, I am glad for the opportunity and patience that she showed and continues to show, even to this day!


Nikita Khadse



I did a 1 to 1 coaching with Sheeja and it was absolutely mind opening experience. Gently but firmly she helped me see my blindspots, and helped me work on them. I learnt to let go of the past with the thought that, that was the best one could do with their capacity at that time.

After working with Sheeja I was able to improve my credibility at work place and received positive feedback from my colleagues and clients. This helped me get the Product owner role I was looking for. 

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Swapna Walunj


Sheeja thank you very much for awakening my soul. I feel so blessed that I was and will always be with you.

You are so positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, focused, goal-oriented, knowledgeable, observant, respectful, patient and a clear communicator.

Your coaching has helped me mend relations with myself. You were always my mirror. To see me, I had to look at you.

Thank you very much for guiding me and showing me that life is so beautiful!


Ragini Mahara

Professional Services Leader

Siemens Technology India

To the amazing mentor and coach you are! One more step, One more lift, A little bit higher, A little bit faster - pushing your limit a little more every time until you forget you have limits. Becoming aware, embracing yourself, looking for space of abundance, taking responsibility of your emotions and creating what you want to you become!Manifesting the possibilities and making intention a reality. The most powerful - "It is what it is and It is what it is not"To the whole new seeing - Unlimited, big and large! Thank you Sheeja for all you have done! Big big gratitude.


Kapil Agrawal

Media Magic Technologies

Founder and MD


Thanks to Sheeja I created some very empowering stories in 2 years that helped me pass major hurdles in business & personal life. She always gave space to understand my perspective, gave direction such that I can find my own solution (not get dependent on her) & was upfront (in nice way) in pointing out my mistakes.


Her somatic practices made me see my body talking to me every moment & give lot of awareness. She is one coach I will always go back and very sure of getting right direction.

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