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Step up your Leadership to the next level

in a fast paced corporate environment

while fostering a positive work culture and enhancing productivity

(even if there are communication gaps and interpersonal challenges)

Get your guide to becoming

The Conscious Leader!

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: The ebook delves into the concept of conscious leadership, encouraging readers to become more aware of themselves, their values, and their beliefs. This heightened self-awareness can lead to personal and professional growth.

  • Relationship Building: By emphasizing the importance of viewing coworkers as humans rather than mere resources, the ebook promotes the development of strong and positive relationships within teams. Conscious leaders are encouraged to go beyond their responsibilities to support and help their teams thrive.

  • Emotional Intelligence: The ebook explores the impact of emotions on leadership, both individually and within teams. Conscious leaders are advised to understand and navigate emotions effectively, fostering a healthier and more productive work environment.

  • Communication Skills: Language is highlighted as a powerful tool for conscious leaders. The ebook explains how language is not just descriptive but generative, shaping the future through communication. Readers gain insights into creating positive narratives that can uplift themselves and others.

  • Responsibility and Accountability: The ebook addresses the detrimental effects of blame and encourages readers to take responsibility for their actions. It emphasizes the power of assuming responsibility, which leads to increased personal agency, improved relationships, and a focus on achieving desired results.

  • Body-Mind Connection: The ebook introduces the concept of the body-mind connection, emphasizing the importance of listening to the body's cues. Readers gain valuable insights into how physical sensations and body language impact their leadership effectiveness. This awareness allows them to make informed decisions, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being, contributing to a more balanced and resilient leadership approach.

  • Overall, the ebook aims to provide practical insights and tools for individuals aspiring to become conscious leaders, fostering a holistic approach to leadership that considers personal development, effective communication, and a deep understanding of oneself and others.

Sheeja Shaju, Executive Leadership Coach, Author

  • With over 25 years of work experience behind her, Sheeja has trained and coached Businessowners, Directors, VP’s, Senior Managers and the likes and in companies like Hersheys, Cummins, BMC Software, Siemens and many others.

  • She is certified in ‘Power of Embodied Transformation’ by Coaches Rising, Netherlands.

  • She is Co-author in the Amazon Bestseller book, “Growing Groups into Teams”..

  • She is the contributing Author for an Amazon Bestselling Leadership book -“Become”.

  • She is the founder of Project Azaadi which exists to make free basic English education available to under-privileged women.

  • She has been among the top 20 for the Women of Significance among 500 nominations.

  • She is published in Indian Management Magazine.

  • Covered by Business Standard in March 2023 for transforming the norms of the Business Industry.

  • Covered by Times of India in Emerging Startups and Visionary Leaders of 2023.

Tapan Singhel

MD and CEO,

Bajaj  Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd.

"Sheeja is an exceptional program leader...."

Rayden (1).png

– Rayden Interactive

“Sheeja Shaju, an outstanding motivational speaker, ontological leader, and a somatic coach, led us through an immersive experience….” 

Nitin Dakre,


Varian Medicals

"Her coaching helped me understand my personal values and goals, made me improve my communication and collaboration skills, and helped me lead with empathy and develop a systems-thinking approach."

Kishore Hosangady


Enflexis Solutions

"Through conversations she enabled me to look at hidden opportunities in the challenges I faced in my business and personal life.

I was able to get my team to align their goals with the vision and goals of the company that energized the team and made them extremely productive."


Rajnikant Tripathi

Director Software Engineering


Sheeja Shaju's leadership coaching has been instrumental in shaping my leadership style and has elevated my professional capabilities.

Under Sheeja's guidance I understood the dynamics of cultivating a supportive and cohesive team and it has empowered me to create a positive work environment, fostering collaboration and mutual growth.
I wholeheartedly recommend Sheeja to anyone seeking a transformative and impactful leadership coaching experience.

We do hope you enjoy the ebook,

The Conscious Leader

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