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About us

My Method

Ontological Coaching – This method of coaching is to help you grow like a tree which has its roots firm and the foundation is strong. This method will help you focus on what needs your attention while keeping your eye on the destination. It works on making you better aware of your Being; guides you to Take Actions and then Achieve Results (Be-Do-Have).

Somatic Coaching – ‘Somatics’ is derived from a Greek word ‘somatikos’, which signifies the living body in it’s wholeness. The human body has immense intelligence and through specific body practices we tap into this vast intelligence that can help us develop new habits of living which will in-turn give us richer experiences at work and home. My coaching involves somatic coaching.

Who Am I ? 

Program Leader, Somatic Leader and Coach, Founder and CEO

I Create

  • Trained and coached Businessowners, CEO’s, Directors, Senior Managers, General Managers, Business Unit Heads from IT sector, Banking sector, and the Manufacturing sector.


  • Led programs and coached for Institute for Generative Leadership, Asia. where I worked as Director of Learning and Somatic Leader.


  • Attended programs and learnt from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, Richard Strozzi Heckler.

  • About 400 hours of coaching experience


  • Expert in the “Body of a Leader” subject, and has worked with leaders of organizations in building practices around getting these leaders to “listen” more actively to their bodies, and the bodies of people who they lead and interact with. 

  • Certified in ‘Power of Embodied Transformation’ by Coaches Rising, Netherlands.


  • Dance Movement Therapist certified from The International Dance Council, France and Creative Movement Therapy Association of India.


  • About 25 years of corporate experience.


  • I have coached and trained in Siemens, BMC Software, Mercedes Benz, Endurance Technologies, Faurecia and many more.


  • Founder of Project Azaadi which exists to make free basic education available to under-privileged women.


  • Contributing Author of Somatic Practices for “Become: The 5 critical conversational practices that shift ‘who you be’ as a leader”, a leadership book authored by Sameer Dua.


  • Have been a columnist with the Indian Journal of Dance Movement Therapy and have had my article published in Indian Management Magazine

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Who Do I Work With

Corporates, Businessowners, Women undergoing stress in life, Women who want to make quantum leaps 

What Do I Do

I listen to you. I learn about you. I become a mirror to you and I support you.

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My Mission


is to help people recognize the power of choice they have to create their lives as they desire and to feel empowered in every moment.

I worked as an assistant to a commercial photographer and at that time even went up on cranes with a huge camera on my shoulder to shoot the making of cars! And the journey from there has been super energetic! The last 8 of which have been the most meaningful ones where I worked with The Institute for Generative Leadership, Asia as the Director of Learning, a Program Leader, Coach and a Somatic Leader. All that I bring to the table is what I have learnt and become in the last 25 years!


Let’s talk!

  • If you are feeling stuck and need clarity to move ahead in life

  • If you have a destination in mind and want to be sure footed to reach there

  • If you want to mend some relations - even with yourself! 

  • If you want your teams to be driven


Kishore Hosangady

Co-founder and Executive Director

The coaching conversations with Sheeja have been extremely beneficial to me. 

Her somatic and centering practices enabled me to look at situations and challenges calmly and come up with possibilities I was never aware of. 

By allowing me to put on a different lens and changing my stories, her approach has given me joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in different areas of life.

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Rohit Mahajan,

Orpheus, MD, India

My Coaching with Sheeja not only brought about a different observer in me but made me clearly see that I have a choice in every given situation.

Being gentle, comforting and forth right she showed me the mirror several times making me realise how I was easily giving away my power.

She helped me build a strong muscle to fulfill and manage my promises efficiently.

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Prashant Dua

Business Owner, India

Sheeja is an incredible coach. She has every skill that any coach anywhere in the world needs to have. She is the mirror that is needed for someone who wishes to be coached. She has the ability to listen to her coachees without making any assessments about them whatsoever and helping them decide themselves about the actions they want to take to take care of their cares. 


Connect with me to learn more about yourself! 

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