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How to deal with criticism? By Sheeja Shaju​​

Work life balance made easy! By Sheeja Shaju.

When you have a bad news! By Sheeja Shaju.

Incredible and Inspiring Real Story! What's your excuse? Sheeja Shaju.

What's the mood of your team? By Sheeja Shaju​​

Work on yourself every single day

If you are having a bad day!

The need for Perfectionism

Language and your Beliefs:

What can you do when you feel stressed?

Be Selfish if that's what it takes! 

You are Unstoppable!

Procrastination, the thing we do! And what we can do! 

If not you then who?

Listen Deeply

An important question to ask yourself everyday!

Reasons Come First

You have the Power

I am no saint! Love and warmth

Being in the head vs being in the body

Change your experience!

Do this when you feel stressed!

I will 'try' - Know the impact of these words

The Power of the Word 'Unable'

Being Present through a super quick body practice

Asking the right questions

The Dance we are always in

Where are you focusing? Energy follows Attention 

Who are you when no one's watching you?

A short practise on the power of Visualisation

What are you practicing?

Reasons come first, Answers Come Next

Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win 

Be The Unstoppable You 


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