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Working With Teams In The New Age

Testimonial by: Vasanta Rapaka, Associate Director, Cognisant

A high impact program using Conversations and Somatic

Now life is moving back to the pre-covid times. Some organisations have started work at their physical locations while some are planning the hybrid model and others have shifted totally to virtual offices. Each of these situations have their pros and cons. 

While managers struggle to trust the capability and capacity of their teams, they also have deadlines to meet which causes them stress. While some are loving the work from home model, many are waiting to go back to work as they are missing the social contact.

While some prefer to switch off the camera during a virtual meeting, some feel conversations are so much easier when you are in front of the other, when you can see their bodies and can communicate with them more effectively. 

Some have gone into ‘I am an introvert’ mode where they feel it’s better to not interact with people. Going back to a physical office atmosphere may become a challenge for them. 

In all these situations, many organisations are struggling to complete deadlines, fight productivity issues, reduce the stress on employees, increase the quality of their product/service, have efficient work flow.

Here is a program which will help them work on the above issues at the same time work at creating a bond between the employees.

Learning Outcomes-

  • They will feel in control of their results

  • They will learn what it takes to be trustworthy 

  • They will know why they are generating the results that they do in their life

  • They will understand what really matters and where wastage is happening

  • They will know what they need to do to create teams that trust

  • They will learn to have missing conversations that reduce wastage of time, emotions and money

  • They will learn what it takes to manage their own capacity.

  • They will learn conversations for action to increase productivity

Learning Outcomes


While this two day program will be largely conversation based, it will also include somatic practices.


‘Somatics’ is derived from a Greek word ‘somatikos’, which signifies the living body in it’s wholeness. The human body has immense intelligence and through specific somatic (body) practices we tap into this vast intelligence that can help us develop new habits of living which will in-turn give us richer experiences at work and home.


Somatic Sessions will be interweaved here.

Indicative Program Content

First part - 4 hours with a break of 15 mins in between

  • What do you care about

  • Your power of Creation

  • Unveil your blindnesses

  • What makes you who you are 

  • What is listening

  • Different types of listening and how its impacting your results

  • Somatics - Listening and Centering

Second part - 4 hours with a break of 15 mins in between

  • The power of Emotions 

  • How can we design emotions that work for us 

  • Responsibility – Taking power in your hand 

  • Somatics – Imagine and Visualise 

  • Somatics- Create a Resonance

Third part - 4 hours with a break of 15 mins in between

  • Somatics – Being Full Present 

  • Know the elements of a request

  • What comprises an effective request and helps to eliminate wastage

  • Somatics – Recognising ineffective requests and learning to make effective ones

  • Commitments and the need to manage them

Fourth part - 4 hours with a break of 15 mins in between

  • Somatics - Centering 

  • Conversations for Action to have efficient work flows

  • Who is a Performer and a Customer and how it impacts results

  • Somatics – Conditions of Satisfaction

  • Conversation of Completion

Location – Physical (Preferred) / Virtual


Time required – 16 hours

Can be completed –   2 days - 8 hours each day (physical location)


                                   or 2 weeks – 8 hours each week (physical / Virtual)


                                   or 4 weeks – 4 hours each week (physical / Virtual)


Number of employees – 20 

Why I Create?

Because we understand humans are beings of habit and tend to go back to what they have practised all their lives.

Because we understand that learning happens only when new neural pathways are created and to create new neural pathways, new actions need to be implemented over and over again and for that to happen we need to see things differently! 

And also because we have an experience of working with individuals and organisations & we love to enable people grow and expand their world of possibilities.

Sheeja leading program 1
Sheeja leading program 2
Sheeja leading program 3
Sheeja leading program 4

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