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6 Months to Creating a Life of Choice

Testimonial by Nikita Khadse, Product Owner, TM, Pune

You Always have a Choice

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6 Months to Developing New Habits! 

The way we think and act is a function of our deep rooted assessments about everything/everybody around us. These assessments are formed due to many reasons, some of which are our upbringing, society, education, practices amongst others. These ways of thinking and acting are our automatic behaviours, in other words they are our habitual ways of being. For example, when being responsible becomes a habit then there is no room for excuses or blame for a job not done!

To develop a habit we need to repeat a particular way of thinking and acting multiple times. When we do that, we condition our body to the new behaviour and then we don’t need to think before acting because our body has already learnt it. It’s like driving a car; after you practice it repetitively you can just go ahead and drive, you don’t need to think about the how’s.

In this coaching program, we will be focusing on changing our habits of thinking and acting in the world such that we become open to new possibilities and new opportunities in life.

What Can You Expect  by the End of 6 Months 

  • You will be in control of your capacity and time

  • You will see you are progressing at work.

  • Your stress levels will lower down

  • You will feel very confident about yourself

  • You will have clarity about where you are headed in life and career

  • You, your colleagues and family will see a visible change in your behaviour

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Plan during the 6 months 

  • 1st session is of 2 hours where we will determine what you want to achieve in 6 months. 

  • We will review our progress at the end of every 2 months

  • 2 sessions per month

  • 1.5 hour each (45 minutes I will share new concepts and 45 minutes coaching)

  • Handouts when required

  • Leadership Practices after every session

The Basic Idea Is to Meet You Where You Are 

This is an Ontological coaching program. We will also look into some concepts as we go along -

  • Becoming aware of your S-E-L-P-H (Somatics, Emotions, Language, Practices and History) to know you at a deeper level.

  • Connecting with what truly matters to you in all domains.

  • Connecting with your own strengths, seeing how to use them and exploring your potential.

  • Learn to look for new possibilities

  • Understanding your productivity and reducing wastage.

  • Understanding Ownership and seeing it from a different lens.

  • Learn the Missing Conversations to change results.

  • Understand your relationship with failure.

  • Aligning your Body-Emotions-Language by using Somatic Practices to enhance your experience of life

  • Learn about your emotions and taking charge of them

  • Connecting with the cares of your team

  • Learning to be Present – Open – Connected in conversations

  • Creating a team that takes Ownership

  • Make Commitments and learn how to manage them

  • Creating a team that sticks to commitments

  • Apply the system of Coordination of Action with your team for efficient work flow

  • Create team that reduces wastage of time, energy, emotions

What I need from you 

  • Have a commitment for your growth

  • Commit to do the practices as discussed in the coach calls 

  • Not miss any sessions (unless pre-decided)

What you can expect from me 

  • To be your mirror and to tell you what I see

  • To support you 

  • To be a stand for your growth

  • You can expect that I will not tell you what to do

Why 6 Months?

This coaching program is divided into 6 months such that along with being coached in every session you will learn new concepts and go back into your life and implement them over and over again. This implementation will give you new learnings about yourself and new questions which you can bring back to the next session.


A half hour FREE coaching session with me!  


How do you prepare for this free coaching session?

Think of one thing you would like to improve about yourself and let’s talk about it! 



Send us your details and we can speak to you about it.


  • 2 sessions per month

  • 1.5 hour each (45 minutes I will share new concepts and 45 minutes coaching)

  • Handouts when required

  • Leadership Practices after every session

You need to give a commitment to do the practices as discussed in the coach calls and to not miss any sessions (unless pre-decided)


K V Raghuraman,

Vice President -Sales, Government,

Siemens Healthineers India

I have known Sheeja as a very warm person, who has a deep sense of listening for both the body and language. Given an objective, she really helped me embody practices that has generated results for me both in personal and professional domains.

The beauty is in the way she revealed the context of the game that I wished to play and be successful

Thank you Sheeja for being present and connected to my growth.


Connect with me to learn more about yourself! 

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