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Testimonial by Nikita Khadse, Product Owner, TM, Pune

6 Months to Developing New Habits! 

The way we think and act is a function of our deep rooted assessments about everything/everybody around us. These assessments are formed due to many reasons, some of which are our upbringing, society, education, practices amongst others. These ways of thinking and acting are our automatic behaviours, in other words they are our habitual ways of being. For example, when being responsible becomes a habit then there is no room for excuses or blame for a job not done!

To develop a habit we need to repeat a particular way of thinking and acting multiple times. When we do that, we condition our body to the new behaviour and then we don’t need to think before acting because our body has already learnt it. It’s like driving a car; after you practice it repetitively you can just go ahead and drive, you don’t need to think about the how’s.

In this training and coaching program, we will be focusing on changing our habits of thinking and acting in the world such that we become open to new possibilities and new opportunities in life.

A Summary Of Our Approach

To change Results we must have -

  a. Awareness of the existing behaviour

  b. Understanding that you have a Choice

  c. Knowing that you have the Power to back it up with repetitive practices to embody new behaviour                   

A summary of our approach

The 6 Month  Journey

First 3 months


The ‘Me’ - A journey within where leaders will begin to
connect with themselves, see their own blindness, know their
own barriers to growth, learn to recognize and manage their
public identity and work towards them.

Next 3 months


The ‘We’ – A journey with others. Here leaders will work
towards managing their teams effectively and help to elevate
them to a high standard of performance.

How Will The Program Work

1 “Know about”
2 Practice
3 Get coached
4 Learn (through multiple iterations)
5 Embody (shift behaviour)


Indicative outcomes

Sheeja conducting work shop
How wThe program work

Part 1 - ME Journey

1. Understand your own cares and commitments
2. Know the missing conversations and learn to have them
3. Become efficient in your communication
4. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses and harness your  strengths
5. Learn about emotions and how to manage them
6. Listen for possibilities
7. Know their relation with Choice
8. Understand responsibility and learn to take it
9. Create a vision for your extra-ordinary future
10.Managing your capacity and reducing wastage
11. Managing tasks and deadlines effectively
12. Become a resilient leader
13. Somatics

Indicative outcomes

Indicative Content

Part 2 - WE Journey

1. Apply the system of Coordination of Action with your team for efficient work flow
2. Make and manage your commitments in the world
3. Make effective requests

4. Build teams that take responsibility

5. Build trustworthy teams
6. Learn the art of delegation
7. Develop a leadership presence
8. Completions

9. Somatics

Indicative Content

What Is Somatics

‘Somatics’ in derived from a Greek word ‘somatikos’ , which signifies the living body in its wholeness. It relates to the physical body as well as the cognitive part of us.

Somatics are specific body practices that we can adopt so that we tap into this vast intelligence of our body, that can help us develop new awareness of what we love, what we are scared of, what we want and this awareness will help us develop habits of living which will in-turn help us have richer experiences at work and home to feel fully alive to life!

1. Centering

2. Re-centering

3. Facing

4. Entering

5. Grounding

6. Blending

7. The 4 key Body Dispositions

8. Managing Emotions

9. Managing Declines

10. Present Open Connected

11. Trust

12. Listening

13. Visualising

14. Responsibility

What Is Somatics

360 Degree Leadership Feedback 

These are unlike the assessment tests conducted by organisations where multiple choice questions need to be answered.

The feedbacks are conducted by the participants themselves where they will reach out to relevant  people (managers, team members, clients, family members) in their life and seek feedback about themselves.

This will reveal to them their own blindnesses and help them take steps to change these perceptions of people, if they find them relevant.

We will guide them on the process of conducting these feedbacks.

The first feedback is conducted within the first 1.5 months of the program.

The second feedback is conducted during the last month of the program.

360 Degree Leadership Feedback 

Sheeja Has Been A Speaker, Trainer or Leadership Coach At :

3John Deere
6BMC Software
8. Elringklinger
9Endurance Technologies
11Arcelor Mittal
12Mercedes Benz
14Atlas Copco
and others

Sheeja Has Been A Speaker, Trainer or Leadership Coach At :

The Program Structure

1 Online Leadership Conferences – 4 hours every month (Split in tw0 separate days)
2 One on one coaching- Once every month (1 hour each)
3 Total Duration – 6 months

The Program Structure

Madhavan Palanisamy

Award Winning Photographer

Sheeja is very perceptive and warm. She understands you as someone who has a history and more importantly a future that you can design. Using centering practices, somatic exercises, and conversations she creates the space to meet the leader in you. It was particularly helpful in going out and making offers to potential clients with confidence.


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