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Leading with Grace:

Women Excelling in Managing Emotions and Conversations

An Exclusive Online Workshop for Women Managers

Are you a woman manager leading teams? Elevate your leadership skills and join our transformative online workshop!


Workshop Leader : Sheeja Shaju

What will you learn?

  • Navigating Difficult Conversations

  • Managing Emotions in Leadership

  • Building Trust and Rapport

  • Action Planning

Who should attend?

  • Women Managers

  • Aiming to navigate emotions effectively

  • Facing communication challenges

  • Seeking to enhance your leadership presence

Other Details:

AT 80% discount

  • Date: 1st June 2024

  • Time: 2 pm to 5 pm (IST)

  • Duration: 3 Hours

  • Platform: Online (Link provided upon registration)

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your full leadership potential and excel in managing emotions and conversations. Register today and embark on your journey to leading with grace!

What participants say:

"This session really opened my eyes about self
awareness. "

"Very relevant content & well presented."

"Loved the structured approach to handling difficult conversations. "

"Session was engaging, motivating and inspiring."

"I am amazed at her depth of experience and knowledge."

"Love the way she explains, simple and easy to understand."

"I feel more confident now about having difficult conversations with my team and teen."

"It is about me hence first take care of myself."

"3 hours was packed with knowledge that was eye-opening!"

"Very structured approach with relevant examples."

Indicative Content

Navigating Difficult Conversations (1 hour):

  • What are effective conversations?

  • Identifying common challenges in difficult conversations.

  • Active listening techniques and assertive communication strategies.

  • Role-playing exercises or case studies to practice handling difficult conversations.

Managing Emotions in Leadership (1 hour):

  • What are emotions? How do they exist in you?

  • Strategies for recognizing and managing emotions effectively.

  • Techniques for staying calm and composed during challenging situations.


Come to have fun! Come to learn!
Come to be a part of a community!

At 80% discount!

Rayden Openness.jpeg

Building Trust and Rapport (30 minutes):

  • Importance of trust and rapport in effective communication.

  • Strategies for building trust with team members and colleagues.

Action Planning (30 minutes):

  • Reflecting on key takeaways from the workshop.

  • Identifying specific goals and action steps for applying learning.

  • Declarations

Sheeja Shaju

Write to us on -

Call on - 91759 80523

Speaker, Program Leader and Executive Leadership Coach & CEO at I Create

With over 25 years of work experience and more than 1200 hours of training and coaching Sheeja has trained and coached Businessowners, Directors, VP’s, Senior Managers and the likes


She is the Co-Author for 2 Amazon Bestselling Leadership books -“Become” and “Growing Groups into Teams”

Has been covered by Business Standard and Times of India


She has coached and trained or has been a speaker in these multinational companies - Capgemini, Globant,
Hersheys, Cummins, BMC Software, Siemens, Volvo, Atlas Copco, and many others.


Nikita Khadse



Vasanta Rapaka

Associate Director, 



Deepa Dua

Glamorous Boutique

CEO, India

Sheeja is a force of nature! She connects with people deeply. Thanks to her coaching, my results at home and the business are amazing! 


I'm more confident than before on handling my personal and professional life. Overall, I can see my life in my control and I am in the driver's seat, rather than being at the mercy of situations or other people.


Thank you very much Sheeja for helping me gain clarity and grounding.

Untitled design (11).png

Kaajal Shah

​Deputy Vice President,

VTP Realty

I discovered Sheeja by chance and intuitively I knew I needed her help. I signed up with her and going in with complete trust.

Her techniques and her practices have been very useful in making me a more self-aware leader and individual.

She worked with me on all fronts and gently but surely she made me relook my strengths as well as biases.


She works on realigning the belief system without making you feel uncomfortable. It has a wonderful journey which she let me take at my pace. She is now more a friend than coach, one that I know I can reach out to!


Ragini Mahara

Professional Services Leader

Siemens Technology India

To the amazing mentor and coach you are! One more step, One more lift, A little bit higher, A little bit faster - pushing your limit a little more every time until you forget you have limits. Becoming aware, embracing yourself, looking for space of abundance, taking responsibility of your emotions and creating what you want to you become! Manifesting the possibilities and making intention a reality. The most powerful - "It is what it is and It is what it is not" To the whole new seeing - Unlimited, big and large! Thank you Sheeja for all you have done! Big big gratitude.


Anila Nair

Being coached by Sheeja was a great experience – I saw first hand how to be non-judgemental and compassionate yet holding every coachee to a high potential that she saw in each of us.I am glad for all the practices, and questions that she asked that caused us to reflect on our actions!While it took me a while to catch up, I am glad for the opportunity and patience that she showed and continues to show, even to this day!

Write to us on -

Call on - 91759 80523


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